Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Limit Your Greed: The Book

Many of you have heard either me or Mark Van Name talk or write about the book we’ve been working on, Limit Your Greed. At this point, my guess is that the book sounds about as imaginary as Santa Claus. Yes, Virginia, there is a book!

Mark and I first started working on Limit Your Greed at least six years ago, but we had been thinking and talking about it before then. To finally have a copy in my hand feels like an accomplishment. 

The hardback book is available now on our LYG Web site and the ebook is available both there and on Amazon. In a few days, the hardback will be available at Amazon and the ebook at other outlets as well. 

Despite our sense of satisfaction at having completed the book, we’ve accomplished little at this point. The goal of the book is to start conversations. That is where we need your help. Please spread the word, buy a book, and start talking about what it says. You may well not agree, but if people at least start talking then we will have accomplished something. 

I’m excited at the prospect of the book having an impact on the world, but it is truly out of my hands. It is sort of like your kids going off to college. You’ve done what you can and now they are on their own. 

It feels, yet again, like God is trying to get me to understand that I am not in control of the universe and that I need to trust Him. I am a very slow learner. 

Mothers always seem to know how to put things in perspective. A few days ago, I triumphantly handed my 93-year-old mom a copy of the book. She looked at it and said, “Are you saying I’m greedy?” “No, it’s mine!” “Are you greedy?” “No, I mean it is the book I wrote!” She did not seem impressed. 

The next morning when I saw her, she said, “Your picture is on the cover. I don’t like how you look with a beard.” She is hard to impress, but I know she has shown it to some of her friends. 

So, yes, my hope is that Limit Your Greed makes a difference in the world. But, even if that doesn’t happen, at least my mom gets to show off, and complain about, my picture on a book!