Sunday, February 19, 2012

A blog? Now? Seriously?

Why am I writing a blog?  Obviously, I’m rather late to this party.  My goal is not to become famous.  It is not to impress people with my latest exploit or insight.  It is not to bore everyone with details of my latest emotion or meal.  Instead, it is to improve my thinking.  To me, that means thinking more clearly, and more Biblically.  

I find that writing ideas down helps make them clearer (or exposes their flaws).  Thinking or saying something is easy.  For me, words often come out of my mouth without passing through any sanity checking.  Offhand comments are easy.  Clear, Biblical thoughts are not.  I’m hoping to use this blog to force me to think better, to think more Biblically.  Putting my thinking in words and into the public will hopefully make my thinking better.  

The blog may also help me to remember.  I vaguely recall thinking that I had the whole predestination/free will thing figured out by looking at things in terms of information theory.  Or, was it in terms of combinatorics?  I can’t remember much more than that for the life of me.  I’m hoping that by writing things in blog entries I will be able to remember.  More likely, I will prove to myself that what seemed like a great idea in the shower is not nearly so compelling when typed out.  

There are a number of topics and areas I currently plan to cover.  In future blog entries, I plan to discuss:
  • Technology implications – I love technology, but its impact on people is by no means an unmitigated good. 
  • Book impressions – My goal is to write something about each book when I finish it, if only to help me remember what it was about! 
  • Travel journals – I am blessed (and maybe cursed) to be able to travel quite a bit.  Visiting other places makes it possible to see my life in a different context. 
  • Experiences with gadgets/technology – If it uses electricity, I do my best to play with it.  I miss writing columns like I did for years in places like PC Week.  It is always fun to write down impressions and experiences about technology. 
  • Random musings – I can’t help myself! 
My goal will be to write at least one entry every week.  I’ve not yet decided whether I will tell people about the blog or not.  But, whether you stumble across this or I pointed you to it, please respond.  Otherwise, I will just be talking to myself.  As usual. 


  1. I look forward to reading your entries!

  2. I hope you can vicariously experience TED through them!

  3. It's about time you started a blog!