Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gadget review - ReadySet Solar Kit

The last set of gadget reviews was my most popular blog entry yet. I'm not quite sure how they fit under the title of Biblically Thinking, but folks like reading them and I like playing with gadgets, so more are on the way! I decided to do the reviews individually rather than as a group so that I can write them up in a more timely fashion. As a semi-related aside, I did finally get my Nest thermostat installed, so I will be writing about that and my Philips Hue multicolor LED personal wireless lighting system in the near future.
The Fenix International ReadySet Solar Kit is a solar recharger, primarily for cellphones. I first learned about the device as a Kickstarter project. (If you have not yet checked out Kickstarter, it is worth your time. It is a great way for people to get worthwhile projects, like this one, funded.) Basically, the ReadySet is a solar panel connected to a battery. The solar panel charges the battery whenever the sun is shining and the battery allows you to recharge your devices at any time, even at night.

To read the rest of this review, visit its new home at Principled Technologies' Tech Everywhere


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  2. Did you ever get around to writing about Nest and Hue? Link please?

    1. I just did an update to my Hue review (