Thursday, October 23, 2014

Now with PT

When I meet people, they often ask about the company I work for, Principled Technologies (PT). I explain that we do fact-based marketing, primarily for technology companies. If they seem at all interested, I then go on to tell them more and describe some examples of what we do. If they are not careful, I will keep on talking about PT as I am very proud of the work we do!

I’m never sure whether those explanations really help people understand what we do at PT. If you were one of those people to whom I tried to explain PT, or if you are just curious, I now have another way to describe what we do. Over the last few months, our studio folks have been working on a series of videos we call Now with PT. About twice a month these videos explain the work that PT has recently completed and have some fun along the way. We’ve done seven of them so far. 

I’d encourage you to check out at least the first episode and our most recent one. We definitely had some fun making those two! 

The people narrating the videos and explaining the projects as well as those doing the video, scripting, and sound work are all folks who work at PT. You may well recognize some of them. You can check out the complete list of all of the videos on the Now with PT YouTube playlist

I think our team does a great job of highlighting the good work we do at PT. I hope you think so as well. 

And, if at some point in the future I start boring you with stories about PT, you can just say, “Thanks, but I already saw that on YouTube.”

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