Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sabbatical follow up

PT-LogoI’ve mentioned Principled Technologies’ (PT’s) sabbatical program in earlier blog entries. Being able to take off seven paid weeks every seven years is a benefit that I wish everyone was able to enjoy.

There is another part of our sabbatical program that I consider equally important. PT encourages everyone who takes a sabbatical to spend one week of it doing something good in the world. If the person does so, PT contributes $5,000 toward that effort. Over the past few years, PT employees have taken advantage of that program on four continents by helping causes as varied as the homeless, orphans, and endangered species.

I’m understandably proud of what those people have done. Until now, however, we have mostly kept that pride to ourselves. We recently decided that we should tell what our folks have been doing in the hopes of encouraging others to do likewise. So, we have started a series of videos highlighting the work PT employees have done as part of the sabbatical program. Here is the first one.

I am looking forward to both the future videos and to the future sabbatical efforts of folks at PT. My hope and prayer is that in some small way, we can make an impact for the better on the world.

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