Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bolivian sabbatical video

I’ve described in earlier blog entries Principled Technologies’ (PT’s) sabbatical program as well as the sabbatical videos we have been creating about some of them. 

As you can see below, we just finished the video about my 2011 sabbatical. I can't say as that I particularly like looking at myself in the video. (Where did those crows' feet come from?) Despite my discomfort, I think the PT studio team did a great job of putting together the video. 

Watching the video brings back fond memories of my sabbatical trip 18 months ago as well as my most recent trip less than a month ago. I especially love how they worked Bárbara's wonderful artwork into the opening sequence.
I'm proud of PT's sabbatical program for both giving people seven paid weeks off every seven years and for encouraging people to do something good in the world during that time. I'm even more proud of what PT employees have done over the past few years through that program--helping causes as varied as the homeless, orphans, and endangered species on four continents

I look forward to the future sabbatical efforts of folks from PT. And, the resulting videos!  

I hope and pray that, in some small way, we will make an impact for the better in the world.

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